St. Barbe

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St. Barbe:

Nice little village off the main road. Typical breton houses, made of solid stone to withstand the rough climate. Some impressive menhir´s just sit in a field. South of town towards the coast the flat and sandy land is littered by WWII Bukers and the remnants of an airfield. To get to the beach, You have to take the small road thatt passes right through the airfield. Too bad, that the french army still uses this area as training area for their pilots. When they shoot, the beach will be closed, no matter how good the surf is. Just behind the dunes facing the ocean the street ends at a parking lot that is up to now not blocked with those anty camper bars. Still, don´t stay there overnight.

The beach is all sand and has plenty of sandbars, that work depending on the tides. Tidal range is pretty big, so the ocean comes right to the dunes on high tide and low tide means a lot of walking, before You can enter the ocean. Gets crowded in summer.

Surfing: very nice beachbreak that works good on small swells. Good for longboarders and beginners. Gets out of control pretty quick with bigger waves. Very exposed to the main wind directions from the west. Works best with easterly winds. Walk down the beach when it gets too crowded here. The breaks south and north of the parking lot are as good as the ones right in front of it.

Windsurfing: westerly winds come fully onshore together with some solid waves. Better head to Kerhilio than. South to southwest and north to northeast work best. The place catches a lot of waves so with the right wind direction it offers very good wavesailing. With bigger waves nothing for beginners.

Kiteboarding: very large beach, windrange from south over west to north, waves of all kind of sizes, this is a fun park for kiteboarders.

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