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A day at the beach

Being your own boss sometimes means, that you have to order yourself to work over hours. This time it was sort of extreme and I was trying to ignore the weekend and keep working until the end of the following week.

I managed to do this until Sunday night, when I just couldn´t stand it anymore. So I checked the forecast, saw an opportunity for a nice wind swell in the North Sea combined with medium side shore winds and plenty of sun with temperatures around 20 degrees. It was time to spend a day at the beach.

So I started the van, did the four hour drive to my chosen spot at the Danish North Sea coast and spent Monday at the beach. No checking of other spots this time. Just opening the door of the van in the morning, have a coffee, go surfing, get to the Koebmand to get some food, have breakfast, hang around at the beach, go out for another session, have some food, more coffee, get out for a late afternoon session until 9 in the evening, pack the stuff, get in the van, drive back.

I enjoyed it.

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