Timmendorf - Battle for Glory

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Timmendorf – Battle For Glory - “King of the Bridge”

A couple of weeks ago the north German surf website Nordsurf-Syndikat announced the first ever surf contest in the German part of the Baltic Sea. 10 Surfers were invited by the Syndikat members and 10 wild cards were to gain through a user voting on the website. After a hard fought – and sometimes controvert discussed – user voting the participants are now set.

Besides the invited riders – Partice Touhar, Thore Kroll, Jan Überall, Jens – Phillip Petersen, Adrian Siebert, Zwanni, Jonas Bronnert, Roland Oels, Lasse Bagdahn, „Ganter“, Tim Schubert and „Honq“ the following guys and one girl have qualified through the voting:

Simon Strangfeld, Yoyo Terhorst, Malte Nitz, Gerry Schlegel, Sara Burmeister, Jens Steffenhagen, Fin-Erik Christensen, Steve Ratzisberger, Rasmus Zaurins and Christian Cajar.

Some of the riders like the troop of Munich Eisbach surfers are already pretty well known across the country.  Still one shouldn´t underestimate the surfers from the north when betting on the winner. `Cause they know how to surf and the Baltic sea is tricky to surf. It´s well possible, that the later “king of the Pier” will be a guy from north Germany who puts all his local knowledge into the game. The waiting period has begun April 18th and will last until November 11th. As soon as a promising weather constellation will show on the radar two days before day X the fixed riders – invited and wild cards – and the replacement surfers will get the GO. The plan is to score a day like this:


Regular Baltic Sea surfers know that this won´t be that easy. So it might take some time until the event will finally be started. If one of the set riders can´t show up at day X, a rider from the wild card voting will replace him. This works according to the following ranking:

1. Katzer - 2. Timmsen - 3.  Hawky - 4. Paul Günter - 5. Tim (Don Limpio) - 6. Lars Kossowski - 7. Björn Neumann - 8. Daniel Marquardt - 9.  The Ruhrpottrocker Daniel Gerdes - 10. Ole Lietz

There will we one special thing: the Syndikat members miscalculated themselves while inviting the set riders (no further comments on that) and have invited 12 guys instead of the planned 10. Now, if all of them show up in time at Timmendorf, there will be 2 guys too many for the planned 5 heats with each 4 riders (we have got that checked by a mathematic). In that case there will be an extra heat that will be filled up with the next two replacement surfers. The riders will be filmed with several cameras during their heats.  The following nights the members of the Syndicate will spend sweating and pushed up by local hop-power-drinks cutting the best scenes of each rider into a short video clip. With these clips the performance of each rider will be judged by the Syndicate, the riders themselves and by a online voting of the users of the Nordsurf-Syndikat. Needless to say that the Syndicate members are almost not corruptible, the riders themselves are beyond any doubt and the users will surely judge only according to the performance of the riders. The best will win. Despite all this allow us the following hint: premier goal of the event ist o have fun all together and show the surfing world that one can really surf on the Baltic sea.

More info and the riders profiles can be checked on http://nordsurf-syndikat.de/

Stay tuned!

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