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blue surf & travel magazine

THE german mag.

Chris Hafer

photographer, story teller, winrdsurfer, traveller

US based kiteboarding site for the new force on the water and in the air. Offers kite clinics on mainland US

Nordsurf Syndikat

THE website for surfing in the north and baltic sea (german)

THE german surf site (it´s worth visiting it even when You don´t know much german!)


Great literature!

Our racing friends travel a lot.



weather / wind / swell / tides:


easy tide

wourld wide tide predictions. Very usefull!!!

very detailed surf forcast, all you need to know about wave height, period, and direction, wind speed and direction, tides and weather in a compact overview. Forcasts a week in advance.

web zine with a extended weather forcast section

reports on actual conditions and forcasts of french surf spots (language french)

german weather forcast site, good wind forcast section

wind and swell forcasts, very accurat

very detailed wind and wave forcasts, designed mainly for windsurfers and kiteboarders




spot guide for surfers, focus on Europe

spot guide for surfers

pure surf travel site

extensive spot guide for surfers

featuring the north German waters





Fatum Surfboards

fishes, sticks, hybrids, longboards, quads

longboards, minimalibus, skimboards, kiteboards; good stuff sold direct

offers all kind of sport books

all kind of surfboards and whatever else a surfer needs, good stuff!


hardware, hardware, hardware


online shop offering lots of quality clothes and accessoires (mainly for snowboarding)

West wetsuits

keeps you warm



accomodation / camps / schools:


Dfrost Morocco

One of the best options to stay in Taghazout

Maximum Surfcamps

THE place to log in Peniche / Portugal

the official Quiksilver surf school on Fuerteventura

Sagres international surfschool

Surf school in southern portugal. Offers also accomodation.



web zines / communities:


bakio surf taldea

homepage of the Bakio surf club. Very informative (as long as you understand spanish) and a lot of very nice surf pics.


Breizh! Surfing!

web zine concentrating on surfing in the UK and Ireland

german windsurfing and surfing web zine

german surf web zine (they´ve been the first!),featuring spotguides, stories, news, weather forcast and more

forum for all kind of adrenalin junkies


homepage of a gang of surfers from Sylt, very nice made!

Irish Surf,Irish Surfing and Irish Surfers by Surfers in Ireland. The most popular surf community website on the Island. With classifieds, weather, forums, liftline, WAP and more.

web zine from Tarifa, spain, focusing on activities in the Tarifa area

private homepage focusing on danish windsurfing legend Klimöller

danish surf page

nasa surfclub Klitmoeller

homepage of the danish surf and windsurfclub located in Klitmoeller

riders denmark

danish webzine featuring surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding and skiing; language danish

allways good if You want to see pics of sessions in denmark


web zine focusing on surfing in the french mediterranean area

home page of the superior surf club from the great lakes, USA

surfers lounge

danish windsurf ´n surf zine, has a lot of local video and foto footage

always on the pulse of danish surfing, featuring those magic sessions

french surf zine


Windsurfing in Brittany / France and beyond. Very good site!





Jose V Glez

amazing photos!

Mickey Smith

The cornish man living in Ireland. Hard core Surfing and watershot pics plus some good tales.

Tom Riedel