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Yeah, it┤s been a while since the last release, but here we go with another story from the last winter: Fresh Snow -- Italians said this was the best swell in five years. -- Mediterranean Hibernation: EP 2.1 Stranded in western Liguria --New video from a juicy winter day at the Mediterranean Sea: Me(d)thadone EP07 – Juice -- Flashback to late summer and a good old fashioned windsurfing trip to Denmark. -- the last episode from that recent Norway trip features some beach days -- more from Norway, albeit mostly from the mountains -- Nordsj°vegen 2022 part 2 features a mix of outdoor activities in southern Norway -- Nordsj°vegen 2022 - part 1: mostly windsurfing. -- new episode of the Iceland blog: Wonderland, part 1 -- for once, the Cote d┤Azur turned out to be the perfect getaway -- We finish the Me(d)thadone series with one last high. -- North Sea Ghosting: a strange experience with a seemingly brilliant swell forecast -- Episode 13 of the Me(d)thadone series proves that even the bay of Saint Tropez occasionally has something special on offer --Larry┤s pulse lit up the Danish west coast -- Heritage is a story about the many riches of the Cinque Terre part of the Ligurian coast. -- Another Me(d)thadone episode about points and slabs and rain and engine failures and a few beach break waves.  -- Flashback into (pre-pandemic) mid-winter at the Mediterranean Sea with episode 11 of the Me(d)thadone series: Southwest --The Smell of Rotten Fish - You don┤t mind about a bit of stench as long as it is windy and warm at the Danish North Sea coast. -- Episode 15 of the Iceland blog features a couple of good to epic late summer days  -- It┤s already 2021 and still a pandemic but I finally got my North Sea surfing life back (almost)! -- Review on some beautiful late summer days in Finisterre -- There is a new episode from the Iceland saga about the ever-repeating theme of when you should have been where --winter days on Sardinia - Is this as good as it gets at the Med? Episode 9 of the Me(d)thadon series tries to give an answer. -- Genoa Low (part 3). Who needs an ocean when you have a sea like this? -- We┤re having a new episode of the Me(d)thadone series in the films section -- Carefree summer days at The End Of The World -- The End Of The World: Review on some of the better days of 2020 -- We are looking back at 2020 with mixed feelings -- The last episode of the Portuguese Winter stories gives some hints why they build Rhino chaser boards in the areas facing the Bay of Biscay. -- Portuguese Winter, Episode 10a: Biscay stopover – the gloomy days -- Saudade is all you need to know in advance  about this story -- Do these Lisbon dudes know how lucky they are? -- Episode 8 of the Me(d)thadon series -- Fun Days, the Mediterranean way of enjoying winter.-- There are still some stories to be told from that winter at the Med -- new travel guides for Italian gems Cinque Terre and Levanto --Surf & The City – part 1 - The pleasures of the fine architectural and maritime art of Lisbon -- Episode 7 of the Portuguese Winter series: You should have-- Episode 13 of the Iceland blog features a period of the journey that felt like a surf trip. --Northbound – part 2 features the sunny part of the trip to Iceland┤s far north. -- Northbound: Episode 12 of the Iceland blog leads into the fjords and peninsulas reaching into the Greenland Sea and some exciting unknown territory. -- Episode 10 of the Iceland blog has a bit of everything: surf, bike and hike -- finally a new episode from the Iceland story: Fickle East Coast --We have a new video clip on offer: Me(d)thadone – Genoa Low, the windsurfing edition --Norte: episode 6 of the Portuguese Winter series is about beautiful winter waves and a stunning city in northern Portugal -- Portuguese Winter, episode five: The Algarve Myth -- Episode 4 of the Portuguese Winter series features a string of average Atlantic winter days -- Less pigs, more eagles and finally some surfable waves: another episode from the Mediterranean Sea -- A day for the books, Part 3 of the Wicked Numbers story -- You can look but not touch - episode 2 of the Wicked Numbers story -- Wicked Numbers – Tuesday. The prelude to an exceptional swell at the North Sea. -- Cruisy days at the North Sea -- Another episode from the Me(d)thadone series: Pigs and Eagles part 2 – The Search -- Hello Autumn! (part 3, with some windsurfing featured for a change) --Hello Autumn! (part 2) -- Hello Autumn! -- What┤s the point of looking for surf in tiny seas? -- Episode 3 of the Bread-and-Butter series features some Baltic Heat -- More Bread and Butter, this time with less wind, more surf,  but too many peoplee  --Bread and Butter EP01 – Early summer sailing -- Episode 3a of the Me(d)thadone series, Pigs and Eagles part 1 is about a very pleasant time in the Corsican mountains-- Episode 8 of the Iceland Saga features some South Coast exploration -- more Days of Thunder - NazarÚ, January 18th, 2018 -- Days of Thunder – NazarÚ, January 17th, 2018 -- Days of Thunder – Prologue -- More Mediterranean Chances  - Liguria --  Mediterranean Chances Sometimes you win (sort of) - Tuscany -- Mediterranean Chances – part 1 -- Episode 6 of the Iceland Saga: Southbound -- Searching for Point Perfect on a short trip to Norway -- Another film clip from the Me(d)thadone series: Genoa Low (p1)-- Northeast: Another tale from a pretty satisfying autumn at the North Sea. -- Episode 2 of the Me(d)thadone series: Dolce Vita plus the corresponding video -- Photo story about a nice weekend in Denmark --- Episode 1 of the Me(d)thadone series: Brigitte don┤t surf --Episode 4b of the Iceland Saga covers a couple of hours spent in an area that only can be described as “otherworldly” --- More stories from Iceland featuring a road trip along the East Fjords


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