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This page is already too long, so it became the story archive. For new stories go to the new story section.

Ponta Preta – A threatened wave.

Help saving it!


Head East:

Flo Söhnchen explores Germany´s larges island


The Fuerte Diary - part 2

featuring a romantic camping trip to the south


The Fuerte diary

part one: wind, rain and some waves


The Lesion:

Responsible parents teach their kids the right things.


Chris Hafer´s encounter with Godzilla


Bunkers Bombs

mindsurfing in Denmark



A once in a decade swell hit Denmark at Oct. 10th, 2013



part 1 of a long feature about a short trip


The Morocco Diaries - 1987

More old fart stories in the Analogue section with the epilogue to that trip to - back then - new horizons.


Not Epic.

A summer weekend at the Baltic Sea.


Shades Of Grey

Colours are overrated


Mistral, a windsurfing tale from the mid 90ies


A Day At The Beach


Part 2 of the Grande Boucle story.


A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

at the Baltic Sea


Another Friday:

It was this day again, when the North Sea put on an unexpected show.


Splendid Isolation

Story about a trip to England´s east coast.


Italian Dance Floor


Been to Italy.

Saw the Black Rider.


Black Holes:

Is this the end?


Why are we doing this?

Chris Hafer searches the answer to some substancial questions in Ireland



An untypical spring at the Cote d´Azur


La Grande Boucle - part 1

Summer in France, the north


First story in the new Analog Section:

Sardegna 1986


Porth-11 Sequences:

Images from cornish Super Sunday


Down Under

Chris Hafer was once again on the other side of the planet.


Northwest at the Baltic Sea


Praise Thy north shore!

Northern Denmark was once again worth the trip.


Nordic Lightshow:

The North Sea saw a stunning performance last weekend.


Mission to Mars


Der Ostsee:

Is there surf at the Baltic Sea?

Savoir Vivre:

Chris Hafer knows how to live.....

The Queen Of The Coast held an audience....

Billabong BVI Kitejam:

Eye Candy from the British Virgin Islands

Bridge Over Troubled Water:

A baltic surfing experience


A winter day trip to Denmark

Freak Wave

Chris Hafer´s little escape to Wissant

A sweet danish comeback

A Baltic Fairy Tale:

Believe it or not....

Requiem for Sydmolen:

Denmark will loose one of it´s premier surf and windsurf spots.

At the beginning of January I went to Holland and got one shot.

Dos Gringos went on a Baja trip.


icy days in Denmark

The Reunion Wave Classic Invitational

once again: great wavesailing!

Here´s something to warm your heart.

The BVI - Kitejam.

Finisterre on fire...

Danish Surfers got a glimpse of paradise.

Teabag - Surfing:

Kiteboarders had the most of this 35 kn side-onshore winds day in DK


The baltic sea had some favourable winds.

HiHo and a bottle full of rum....

The Battle For Glory was finaly on.


Denmark´s waves didn´t let me sleep

We proudly present:

The Essaouira Wave Classic

Cornish Tales:

Chris Hafer & friends savour some cornish pastries.

The Conference

The  Syndikat´s trip to Portugal

Let´s boogie!

Shark buiscuits having fun at Supertubos

Copy and paste:

danish summertime

Business As Usual:

a little report of what happened past Sunday in Thy / northern Denmark

on my recent trip to France´s Bretagne I visited the Presqu´ ile de Crozon again after a long absence and was greeted with views that kept my eyes wide..... open

prepare yourself for a little bit of scrolling

The La Santa River Jam:

an amazing river surfing event.

Fuerteventura Wave Classic:

we´re looking back on an allready legendary event that shook the windsurfing world in March 2009

Everything is relative

if you surf the Baltic Sea

Mission Complete:

A danish winter surf tale.

Deep Down South in Sardinia a few guys had a very good time...

Germany´s surf szene gets all excited about the upcoming Battle For Glory at the Baltic sea.

introducing the

Fuerteventura Wave Classic

don´t miss that event!

Santa TowInBigSession:

new stuff in the Europe XXL section, the Canary Islands finaly got the waves needed to start their big wave event.

Fresh Lobster:

Chris Hafer´s trip to the Hebrides

Winter Miracle:

Friday was supposed to be good, Saturday and Sunday were predicted lame.

But sometimes the north sea surprises us...

Tesoros Canarias

A homage in pictures to the enchanted isles.

Huey was generous

and sent some extraordinary good waves to Denmark´s north sea coast

Lineup Etiquette:

something ALL surfers should ALLWAYS keep in mind......


just a few impressions from the Ocean and its raw power.

Pictures shot in County Clare, Ireland, February 2007

3 feet, 15 seconds:

some rare danish winter perfection

Europe XXL:

rumours and reports about Europe´s biggest waves

Winter Surf in Denmark:

another story about cold water surfing in the North Sea


The story of a desperate fool hunting a ghostswell in the north sea in the middle of November

Beautifull Sunday:

The north sea was gracious again and gave us another beautifull day of surfing

Sweet Friday:

More from that day that fullfilled our wildest North Sea surfer dreams

Danish Beauties:

just a few pics from empty waves that one usually wouldn´t expect to see at the North Sea

Save This Wave!

Germany´s most famous wave is threatened by destruction. Read what´s going on and how you can help.

Thrill Me:

After a long period of flatness the north sea thrilled us again.

It´s gonna get ya:

March 20th the north sea gave it all and demanded respect

Too Big:

How big is big in Europe?

The Emerald Isle gave me an idea.

Nice November light in northern Denmark!

Kiteboarders finally have the right boards to surf waves....

Britta bombs the Whire House......

note to all secret services: Britta is the name of the storm that came over Europe november 1st. The White House is the alias name of a surfspot near Kiel.

So, there is no need to bring us to Guantanamo!

nordic stormchaser:

Some maniacs rode the first serious storm waves of the danish saison......

We proudly introduce da cat and his diaries! We´ll present them to you on a regular basis now and start with the Sligo diary.

stages d´un eté en France:

some impressions of a summer trip to France

Highland Tales:

We usually do not write about contests. But the O´Neill Highland Open 5 star WQS contest up in the frigid north of Scotland was special.

Read what happend.....

Bella Italia:

Fine down the line wavesailing in logo high waves?

Pulling into glassy headhigh waves with power? In the mediterranean?

You´re kidding!


Check this!

just a little boat trip:

That was all we wanted to do, when we woke up at 6:30 in the morning.....

pushing the limits:

We were pushing our limits on a day trip into winterly Denmark.

The Emerald Isle:

This was an experiment. A very daring experiment. At least for da boyz. Cause they were traveling with da cat......

North Shore Dreams:

We finaly went to Fuerteventura. January seemed to be a good time. And it proved to be a very good time.......

Nordic Spring Sessions:

An overview on a exciting spring in north Germany and Denmark. Plenty of cold waves and cold winds and lots of rubber on every part of the body. Good sessions though....

Denmark trip 10/2004:

The best You can get, heavy south winds on friday, beautifull waves on staturday and sunday, combined with very light or even offshore winds. Serious wavesailing and sweet surfing at the end of the nordic season.