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Da Cat is a good friend who loves to travel and loves to surf. Unfortunately he lives very landlocked at a place very far away from the next decent ocean (I don´t count the baltic sea as a decent ocean). If that wouldn´t be enough he also has to deal with, let´s say important people, who can´t really follow his passion and rather sit on a horse.

Maybe you know what I mean.

Combine this with the fact, that he almost reacts alergic to crowds - and for him more than 3 people in the lineup is too crowded - and his total disgust with the I-am-a-radical-surfer-with-the-newest-Al-Merick- shortboard-and-only-wear-the-hippest-surf-brand-clothes- and-I-just-rip attitude that so many surfers show and you know that surfing is not an easy task for him.

But that doesn´t hinder him to fullfill his very own “the search” task. Those trips are just very different from what the majority does and lead him to places most of us wouldn´t go or would past without recognizing.

After each trip he sends sort of a diary to a bunch of - surfing and non surfing - friends. These reports come in within maximum 2 days after his return and we thing you should have the chance to read that stuff.

Just to give you a hint what you might have missed.

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