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When you leave Agadir and drive north for about half an hour youīll come to an area, where the coast takes an almost 90 degree bend to the west. Just before that bend thereīs a small town called Amesnaz that has a very nice beach. Itīs sand and some stones mixed with some cactus and the odd fishing boat. The beach scenery with the majestic mountains in the back has its beauty but itīs all very quiet. Even the waves are much smaller here as the predominant north / northwest swells do not reach this place īcause itīs protected by Cap Rhir to the west. Not comparable with nearby surf mekka Tarhazoute or even tourist trap Agadir.

But the topography with the bend in the coast and the mountains give this place a certain quality that makes it well worth going there.

If youīre looking for wind and the northeaster is too light elsewhere for windsurfing check this place. Similar to Guincho in Portugal the mountains create a venturi effect with northern winds which means, that itīll blow hard enough for sails the size 4.5 when anything else just has a light breeze. Youīll have to wait ītill the late afternoon though for the wind to come.


When the wind is on, and it should be on very often in summer, itīll blow sideshore with a little bit off sideoffshore in it. Coming down from the mountains in the north it still has the character of an offshore wind, what means it can be a bit gusty. But itīs a very good place for fun sailing in bumpīn jump conditions. And when youīre lucky and the wind comes together with a west swell itīs very nice sideshore wavesailing.

Donīt let yourself be fooled when you drive to the plave and youīre almost there and there is no whitecaps on the sea. The venturi effect is very local.


The beach is very large and the only danger for starting your kite are the cactus. Fun place when the winds are not too strong.


Even though in the afternoons the wind is usually too strong the place might be a good alternative with a west swell. Early in the day youīll have that beachbreak with light sideoffshore winds more or less for yourself. And if you follow the coast road direction to Cap Rhir the wind comes offshore. Ever heared from Boilers?

Thereīs some more pics in the gallery!