local heroes

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There is so many local surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders who rip or just have an importance to the local communities that don´t get any attention outside their local areas. We feel that these people are a very important part of our culture and therefore will portrait some of them here.

Here´s the first ones:

Easkey Britton:

Irish big wave heroine

Michi Mohr:

the big wave charger from Bavaria


one of the heavy stuff chargers from the Canary Islands

Axi Muniain:

another big wave legend from Spains north shore

Chris Hafer:

sailor, windsurfer, photographer

Ibon Amatriain:

still the leader of northern Spains big wave surfing pack

The Ghostrider:

a danish mystery

Alastair Mennie:

northern Irelands big wave legend

Vanja Pakaski:

more than “just” a sweet roxy chick!

Eno Kløft:

One of Denmarks best surfers has traveled the world and found his own path

Rik Fiddike:

windsurfer. surfer. student. businessman. traveler. designer.


Stylemaster from Kiel who keeps on turning heads at danish north sea shores.

Flo Puritscher

That guy from Austria is not only an allround boarder but is organising contests and has a very ambitious film project. Read what he has to say!