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Anchor Point:

The famous wave in the land of long rights in southern Morocco. People come from all around the wourld to this place. Prime season is november to march.

The Moroccans allready adapted to their surfing clients in this area and built a couple of small houses / appartements directly on the headland. If You stay there You´re always in the first row and have just a few steps to get into the water. So if You come via airplane You don´t need a rental car (which are pretty expensive) and can take a taxi or bus to get to the place.

The small villages in this area where you find shops, cafes and restaurants can all be reached by food. For nightlife head to Agadir.

surfing: Starting at the tip of a rocky headland this pointbreak can offer very long rides when the sections connect through the bay and your legs are strong enough. Besides the peak in front of the headland there are more take off zones inside the bay. Needs waves bigger than 1m (3ft) to get really good.

This wave is a very good and very famous righthander and therefor gets crowded in the main season. On waves with 1m (3ft) everybody is at the peak which makes it a bit difficult to have fun. With this conditions you better move to one of the other spots in the close vicinity or to Tamri. The bigger the wave gets and the longer the walls become the more room remains for spreading out the crowd. When it´s really big (and really good) the crowds thin out (like evrywhere).

Getting back to land is a bit tricky as with higher tides there is only a very small beach to get out. The rest is rocky cliffs.

windsurfing: even when it might tempt You to ride these endless walls this is not a windsurfing spot. Northerly winds which come sideshore are held back by the cliffs the more get into the bay. Leave this spot to the surfers!

kiteboarding: this is not a place to go kitesurfing

bike: in the mountains inland You find nice tracks for mountainbiking

For all the basic infos check out the info board. More pictures are to be found in the place and the surf gallery.