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Itīs a long drive on a winding road through the coastal mountains to this dusty little fishing village. Brown in all shades is the dominating colour. Sand and dust is a constant factor. The drive itself is exciting even on the now paved road. But it still ha s a lot of curves, passes steep cliffs without any protective walls and offers superb vistas on hard to reach beaches with promising waves.

The village itself used to be just a little fishing port and some small and rugged houses. In 1999 they built some new streets for some kind of development right on the place where all the surfers camped. Again a few years later a surf camp and sort of a surf shop were set up. Most of the new built roads still lead into the void. Things evolve slowly here. It used to be a very offbeat and relaxed place and still is despite the development attempts.

surfing: there are two main breaks, a beachbreak to the north and a reefbreak just in front of the harbour that offers short lefts and long rights. Larger Swells light up the rights inside the southern bay. Rumours go that on the right day the sections connect to an exeptional long right starting at the reef in front of the harbour and running far into the southern bay.....

windsurfing: the setup is pretty good for some exciting waveriding but due to the coastal mountains the further north dominating strong trades very rarely work here. If itīs a northern wind direction with enough power it might be worth the long trip..

kiteboarding: what is not enough for the windsurfers might be good for the kiteboarders. Check it out in summer for flying at a strange but fascinating location!

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