Moulay Bouzerktum

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Moulay Bouzerktum

That place is wild. In the middle of nowhere there is a little village with a Marabout (some kind of a monastry for a local saint), a little shop where You just get the most basic things like bread and water and moroccan cigarettes and with nothing else but dust and stones around.

To get to the beach You follow the main “road” through town. Just after the last houses You find da beach between two flat cliffs. On the higher level ground is the inofficial “campside”. Everybody stays here in his / her van. There was usually no problem camping here. If everybody keeps a low profile, doesnīt make too much noise, takes out his / her trash and absolutely avoids bare breasts (for girls) or nude butts (for everybody) on the beach it will stay like that. Camping here is only tolerable for surf- or windsurf- freaks as the constant strong wind and the dusty experience of the place doesnīt please non surfing / windsurfing folks too much. Even the local herbs donīt help much......

The shores around feature a mixture of flat rocks with numerous holes and sandbottem. Itīs good to check the bottom and the influences of the tides before You get in the water. The beach after town where everybody gets out is safe as itīs sandbottom and a outside reef that is deep eniugh on all tides. Just avoid coming back too far left or right. South of that beach is a very teasing pointbreak (check the overall pics) with long rights. It looks very promising but breaks on those flat rocks in sometimes very shallow water and has strong currents. So if You go there, be very carefull.

windsurf: this is a high wind wavesailing spot for experts only! From March to August the predominant tradewinds usually blow sideshore from the right with force 6 to 8. In winter and spring there is very often mast high waves. There is a small flatwater area between the beach and the reef so You get some speed for jumping when goin out and some room for jibing when coming back. In the middle of the reef there is a channel where waves donīt break as long as they arenīt bigger than 2m (face). Waverides start at the northern end of the reef and end in the channel with smaller waves or not enough courrage. But You can also speed through the channel section and make two or three more turns on the left at the southern part of the reef before You kick out or attempt a high risk aerial.

At the southern end of the reef of the main beach start the long rights into the next bay. Because of the shallow waters this break is only rideable with waves bigger than 3m. If You dare the endless turns on those big waves donīt forget to kick out in the middle of the bay. There the wind is usually much lighter and in going back out hope that You donīt have to pass some even bigger waves.

Again: the high winds (4.0 - 4.5 is the usual sail size), the size of waves and the bottom makes this place a place that is absolutely not suited for beginners or intermediates! As small waves do not really work here this spot is mainly a winter ans spring destination. Sumer gets very crowded with too many kooks in too small waves.

surf: the reef in front of the main beachs offers after a bit of paddling nice lefts and rights, when the wind is not blowing (very rare in spring and summer). Winter sees big waves and much less wind. On a big enought day You might try the rights from the point to the next bay if You have a big enough board and can stand some paddling. Summer has too much wind and small waves which are not really surfable. Than You might check the beachbreaks further north.

kite: the winds are too strong and the waves too big for the normal kiter. It might work in summer. But than again there is usually too much wind. Better leave that place to wavesailors.

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