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Named after the shacks that were originally buildt by locals as weekend holiday “houses”. The shacks now were transformed into more comfortable ones and get rented to wave hungry US east coast watermen and women. They´re not the cheapest ones around but their location makes ém woth every buck. Sitting right in front of the beach they over view and easy access to one of the best wavesailing spots in the whole Atlantic. A narrow stretch of fine sand leads into christal clear waters. The beach is protected by a coral reef, that builds a perfect wave machine outside and on some parts reaches to the beach. Behind the reef, the sea ground drops dramatically and leads straight into the Puerto Rican trench, one of the deepest ocean canyons in the Atlantic that goes far up into the north atlantic. There winter storms create huge swells that race down south along this highway and hit the reef with full furour. Needless to say, that the waves here have some power.

Befor that damn oil vessel sank in the late 90-ies, the coral reef was full alive and had plenty of sea life. Tutles, manatees, and all kind of sort dwelled at that underwater paradise. As far as I know, the region has halfway recovered of that oil spilling.

windsurfing: getting in and out is a bit tricky. Start where the reef meets the beach, go downwind a couple of meters to avoid hitting the reef and some coral heads, time the waves good, accelerate to full speed in the flats and pass the impact zone at the outside reef. To go back to shore find the area about 100m west of the take off zone where the urchins left a narrow zone where You don´t sting Your feet. There used to be a pile on the beach, that You had to line up with a palm to locate that safe exit.

Outside You have 2 peaks. Wind (tradewinds) comes from the right and waves are breaking right. Start Your ride in front of that rock, that sticks out it´s head in the line up (do not start further east!) carve some turns, hit the second peak - optional with an aerial - and continue Your ride. Be carefull not going too far down, as the inside there has no wind and You might get swept to shore there which means a long walk back. This area is also the place where You end, when You get cleaned up. Besides the lang walk back, the place is safe to recover and get back Your stuff.

The place offers perfect waveriding and jumping. It holds waves way over mast high. Attention, this is a very powerfull wave.

In 1991 there was held a PWA-wourldcup here. Hawaiian participatore like Dave Kalama were very impressed by this spot and compared it to Hookipa.

surfing: the reef offers nice surfing too, but is very exposed to the ever blowing trade winds. Mornings offer the best chances.

kiteboarding: medium winds and good waves bring high performance conditioons in winter and spring. Summe has less waves that are more suitable for the flying folks.

diving: the reff is a paradis for snorklers and divers.

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