surfers beach

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surfers beach:

Driving down the narrow road YouŽll oversee the whole setup of the beach, the palm trees in front of it and the steep cliffs on both sides of the flat areal. And YouŽll get a first glimps of the waves long before You reach shore which makes the last minutes of driving there very often some very exciting minutes.

You park in the shades of the palm trees right in front the beach. A narrow strech of sand beach leads right into the urchin infested reef. Currents are usualy strong here so watch the situation closely before You enter the sea on whatever wave riding vehicle You have chosen.

Winter swells from the north hit the reef hard and create some powerfull right breaking waves with the odd short left. The current usualy wants to drag You from east to west / to the left. So make sure to be fit enough when You want to go out!

surfing: once You found out how to handle the currents and avoid hitting the urchin infested reef YouŽll find pleasure in ridung some very nice rights or the short but juicy lefts. With the powerfull and often big winter swells definitly not a place for beginner. Due to its northern orientation blessed with a very high frequency of ridable waves even in summer. Bad thing is the constant trade winds that usualy kick in around noon and come sideshore.

windsurfing: sideshore tradewinds from the right and good sized waves breaking in the right direction offer some very nice wavesailing for the experienced ones. Gettin in and out is pretty tricky due to the steep cliffs that block of the wind near shore. The strong currents and the lovely urchins add some more challenges to sailing here. Never the less a good alternative if shacks is too full.

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