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When You drive down across the golf course (be carefull with the balls flying around!) You come down to a ruined old spanish lighthouse in an area, that is pretty wild. Steep cliffs, wide sand beaches, palm trees, stunning and mostly untouched nature. The area is very beautifull with the intense blue of the sea contrasting the lush green of the vergetation and the different shades of ocre and red of the cliffs. Forces of nature are strong here as the ruined lighthouse documents. With every stronger earthquake it falls more into pieces. Similar power comes with the waves which come out of deep ocean and hit corall reefs. Swells can be huge as the deep ocean trench which is to blame for the earthquakes comes very close to this part of the island. North atlantic winter gales send their energy through that trench like some swell highway that never puts any speed limits to the swells.

There is some area for parking at the end of the paved road and along the dirt tracks but that´s it. No bars, no restaurants, no shops, no nothing. Nevertheless be carefull with Your cars. Never ever leave anything of worth inside. Don´t even lock the doors. Some of the locas surfing that place are a bit stressfull. Don´t let Yourself be provoked, smile, be firendly, speak some spanish, respect the rules and the locals and You´ll have a good time here.

surfing: the reefs - coral mixed with rocks and sandy parts - create a couple of breaks that work with waves from 1 to 4 m (measured on the face). It´s mostly rights with some shorter lefts. When the main peak is too crowded walk down the beach to the south and surf the waves over there. They´re usually less crowded and easyer to surf in bigger swells. Be carefull with currents and chose the right place to get in and out of the water. Some areas are really harmfull to get to shore (urchins, sharp rocks). Predominat trade winds come side-offshore here so even in the afternoons the place has good surf. When it´s too small in the Rincon area there is usually still some waves here.

windsurfing: tough place to sail. Side-offshore winds and solid waves allow only experts to make it out and back in. Launching areas are few and very hard to get back to as there is allmost no wind under land. Wrong place to come in means You´ll need at least a new sail. Once out You´ll have perfect side-offshore wavesailing conditions.

kiteboarding: due to the difficult access for experts only.

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