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Sunday, May 27th

Itīs been a long drive from Hamburg to Morbihan and there would be some decent waves and strong cross-onshore winds. At least that was the forecast.

We made a last stop at Questembert. I made sure that it didnīt last too long because I was eager to reach the coast. I was a bit nervous with all that hours on the road in the rattling old bones and the prospect of 10 ft. waves and a pretty strong north-westerly wind. The weather wasnīt too pleasant too, with the odd heavy rain squall once in a while.

When we finally reached Kerhilio, I took some time to shake off stiffness and watched for a while. The wind was strong and gusty, waves were in the 2 to 3m range. A pretty large pack of windsurfers and kite-surfers was already out, with the kite-surfers obviously having the best tools for the cross-onshore conditions. I was pretty amazed about the ability level, a couple of guys was out strap-less and besides fun looking carves on the waves displayed unreal jumps. I mean pulling loops without straps, just using the wind pressure and a stylish grab, seems like a really tricky thing.

Windsurfers managed to pull some serious jumps and the odd short front-side wave-ride. Still this was way more strenuous dealing with the not too favourable wind direction, the gusts and lulls and the usual currents.

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