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Islas Canarias

About 100km west of Morocco lays a so called geologic hot spot that is throwing up volcanic material since about 22 billion years. The result is a chain of islands, consisting of seven major – and nowadays inhabited – islands and a few rocky satellites. Depending on the age of the islands and the time they have been exposed to erosion, the archipelago offers everything from plain desert, abundant vegetation, bizarre volcanic sculptures and snow-capped mountains (to be honest, there´s just one, but this one - the Pico de Teide on Tenerife - is the highest mountain of Spain).

All islands have in common, that they lie right in the trade wind area in summer and are situated far enough north to catch a whole lot of North Atlantic winter swells while once in a while a southern hemi swell makes it up here in summer. The climate is constantly mild with water temps between 19 to 24 degrees and minimum air temps close to 20 degree in plain winter (as long as you´re not up on the before mentioned Teide summit). This makes the islands a prime destination for surfers, windsurfers, kiteboarders and who else loves water sports, plus folks loving mountain biking or hiking and, of course, the hordes of people whose idea of vacation has mainly to do with lots of sunshine.

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