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Constantine Beach:

Another beautiful bay at a beautiful coast. Despite tourist magnets Padstow and Newquay being not far away and a resulting steady development of holiday houses, the area has kept most of its rural character. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be alone at this bay though. Finding a parking space is a mission as long as you won’t come at a weekday in plain winter.

The beach is bordered by the typical steep cliffs but even at thigh tide there is some sandy areas left. To the left and the right there is a reef that is mostly covered with sand. Rips can be very strong here so take extra care if you go into the sea. Constantine is very popular with all kind of beach loving folks.

For a little bit of culture, food, and a few surf shops go to Padstow. Don’t miss a little walk at the Southwest Coast Path to explore the coast besides the bay.

surfing: the place is a real swell magnet and works with 2 to 6 foot swells. Best wind direction is east but the bay gives also protection from south and north winds. The reef at the southern end has good lefts and the reef at the northern end has rights that are a bit fickle. Low to mid tides work best, high tide sees a lot of closeouts.

Due to the rips not the best place for beginners and due to its swell-magnet qualities VERY popular not only amongst the many surfers of the area. Don’t expect to surf here alone…..

There is some more breaks at Harlyn Bay that works in strong southwest winds and with a solid swell. Nearby Treyarnon works in similar conditions as Constantine.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding: Due to the relatively narrow beach and the fairly high surrounding cliffs pretty tricky. The left might work in south winds. Experts only!

check the gallery for more pics