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Porthmeor is a place in town with a some kind of spooky surrounding. Parking facillities are very limited at the beach. You might have to park further up the hill and have to walk down. There have been seen guys in wetsuit and with longboard under the arm heading down to the beach through the graveyard. Hope this is a good omen....

surf: the place is a beachbreak in town. It get´s crowded with locals using all sort of waveriding vehicles. You see longboards, shortboards and boogieboards. The place only really works with mid tide. High tide somehow just anyhilates the waves. Low tide makes it a heavy shorebreak.

windsurfing: possible, but due to the limited parking space at the beach You might end up carrying Your stuff a long way through town. South to southwest winds should be best.

Kiteboarding: could be good, if You can handle some waves.

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