Praa Sands

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Praa Sands:

This is an unspectacular little seaside town embedded in a very nice country landscape. The fairly large beach is boarderd by steep cliffs on both sides. The town´s purpose is definitely to serv holiday makers. You´ll find a surf shop, a diving shop, the obligatory beach cafe, a parking that costs some fee (overnight parking possible for 5 pounds!), some more shops in town and a golf course.

The beach is all sand and gets flooded with high tides.

surfing: one of the best beach breaks in the area with juicy waves and the odd tube at low tide. The beach is large and there is severall peaks but still the place gets crowded very soon. The surfing standart here is VERY high but there is allways a chance to sneak a wave off the main peaks.

Best bets are with southerly swells and northerly winds.

windsurfing: with westerly or easterly winds combined with a south to southwest swell you´ll find excellent wavesailing here. Know what you´re doing though as teh waves break very close to shore in very shallow waters.

kiteboarding: nice from low to mit tide. Be carefull with bigger swells!

check the gallery for more pics and check the magic ones for weather and surf forecasts: