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Sandy Mouth:

This area is an exceptionally beautiful part of the Cornish coast. And there is hope that it will stay like that because most of this area is owned by the National Trust, a fact that should help to protect this area from too much tourist development. To get there you have to follow a few winding narrow roads and take a close look to the signposts. You’ll finally come through a little valley to a national trust parking lot with a caf and a little shop. Parking costs you a few pounds but as this money will be used to preserve these national gems it’s good invested money (and it’s decently priced and not the typical English rip off where you have to spend a fortune just to park your car near a beach).

Steep cliffs dominate the coastline and a tiny river has carved its bed into the rock and therefore has opened the way to this beach.

At high tide the beach is almost completely submerged, only a narrow strip of round boulders remains. At low tide it’s mostly sand, divided by a few flat rock reefs. The beach is one of the cleanest in the whole UK.

For food, surf and other shops, pubs and accommodation head to Bude.

surfing: It’s best with a west swell combined with light winds from the east. Small swells work best but the place also can hold solid waves. Only the currents start to get pretty strong during the big days. Low to mid tide are best, but on smaller days you’ll also find surfable waves at high tide. If you’re ready for a little walk or paddle you have quite a few beach and reef breaks to choose from. Further north you’ll find a reef that gets protection from north winds. Crowds are relatively easy for this area due to the number of breaks and the remote character of the place.

windsurfing and kiteboarding: difficult, only recommended with sideshore winds and low tide.

Don’t miss a little walk along the coastal path. It’s stunning! Only that big radar station further north disturbs the nature experience. Watch out for dolphins passing!

More pics in the gallery!