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Cayton Bay

Another beautiful bay at this beautiful coast. The north-east facing bay stretches for about 1.5 kilometres and is framed by steep – and unstable, watch out in storm surges and with heavy rain – cliffs with dominant headlands to the north and south. A small valley cuts down through these otherwise barely climbable cliffs and leads to a large sandy beach. At least at low tide this beach is large, high tides just leave a narrow strip of sand.

The headlands are protected from getting washed away by North Sea storms by solid reefs and another scar (flat reef) sits a bit outside in the centre of the bay. The high cliffs give some protection from side-shore winds.

Down where the little valley reaches the beach is a pump house which sometimes adds some pollution to the otherwise almost pristine sea. Up on the cliff edge lays a caravan park and a surf shop / school / rental. During summer, there is a little shop just above the pump house where you get some tea and cookies.

Parking is very limited and you have to carry your boards and gear a bit to get to the sea. Save some energy for the way back up!

Surfing: The bay has some nice beach breaks and with a suitable tide the scar can create some excellent waves. The point at the foot off the headland does not work often but when it´s on it creates a marvellous lefthander. The place is very popular with surfers from the area but the large beach leaves plenty of opportunities to avoid the crowded main lineup.

Windsurfing / Kiteboarding: As said before the high cliffs give some protection from winds but with a decent side-shore wind and lower tides some nice wave-sailing is on offer.

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