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Aptly named as this is where the long stretch of sandy beach ends and the cliffs begin. The road following the beach is side-lined by a few houses here – most of the them for holiday purpose. It ends in front of the cliffs and bends into a steep ascend up the hills. Just before that bend there is a parking lot that would be perfectly positioned if it hadn´t that height restriction bar. No chance to enter the parking with a van. Outside the holiday season and weekends there is a chance to find a parking along the main road not too far away.

Surfing: Depending on the tides there is a couple of nice beach breaks to be surfed here. But the real gem is the flat reef in front of the cliffs that can produce a very nice lefthander with the cliff giving protection from northerly winds. Very popular break with local surfers.

Hiking: At the before mentioned parking starts a nice hiking along the cliff and to a closed mining tunnel. From here you have to climb some steps and can continue the walk along the cliff edge. Great views from up there on the beautiful coast and on some more reefs with surfing potential.

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