Average Joes rides

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Average Joe sequences

Locals told me that the sandbar is still damaged from the relentless beating of the epic 2013 / 2014 winter. That means: no “death or glory” barrels, “just” a very long ride with plenty of shoulder to work on and the odd, thin-lipped tube. And it means: no Pros and Barrel Hunter.

According to the locals very good conditions to get started with the wave. So the lineup was populated with all kind of surfers of all kind of age and skill and all kind of body forms and hair thickness riding all kind of boards. Mundaka had become an “average Joe” wave. Here´s a few shots of them:

Average Joe sequence no. 1

A critical take off, some good ol´ carving and a little bit of tube time.


Average Joe sequence no. 2

A nice cruise and a little hide in the tunnel


Average Joe sequence no. 3

It´s way more difficult on the backside!


Average Joe sequence no. 4

The guy from seq. no.1 again, this time without happy ending.



Average Joe sequence no. 5

Strong legs are quite helpful here.


Sequences no. 6, 7 and 8:

More rides.


Sequences no. 10, 11 and 12:

Views from across the river