Elderly People

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Elderly People

When Mundaka is not doing this “glory or death thing” that it is famous for, the wave is “just” a very long running wall offering plenty of space to play. In these conditions – which are more the norm than the exception, depending very much on the actual state of the sandbars- it is also a multiple generations wave. Especially the locals out there come in all ages, family status and hair thickness, using all kind of boards.

During the two days I witnessed the wave work, particularly one guy on a longboard impressed me with perfect reading of the wave, excellent timing and a lot of style. It was only when I went through the photos on the computer that I realized that he had very little hair left, its colour was plain grey and his belly was, errr, not really a six-pack. I guess his age around sixty and that even impressed me more and at the same time gave me hope. There is a surfing life beyond 40!

Here´s a few examples of how elderly people can surf this wave:

Sequence No. 1
Confidence comes with experience.


Sequence No. 2
This is an eleven seconds display of perfect trim with minimal body movement.


Sequence No. 3
In this 31 seconds cut-out from a ride we learn where to accelerate, where to bow and where to relax on a mid-sized wave.


Sequence No. 4
A short example how to time your ride when using a longboard on this speedy wave.