The Machine

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That morning I did not expect too much because it was forecasted smaller – “only” 4 to 5 ft @ 15 seconds – and there weren´t many barrels during the bigger day before. So I took my time and had a coffee at the bar at Laida harbour. When I left it, I thought I´d seen something spitting in the distance. I grabbed my camera and went for a look. I got surprised ´cause somehow the barrel machine had been put on.

The view from the river mouth is very impressive and probably gives you the best impression of the power, amazing length and machine like perfection of the wave.

Here´s a few examples:

The Machine:

A 40-something frames sequence of the two and a half minutes that two set waves needed to break along the sand bar.

Quite a few pictures to look at but maybe the best way to get an idea of the magic of this wave.


Tunnel Vision – Light

This is not the “glory or death” tube ride that fulfils the Mundaka cliché but the guy on the wave nevertheless had some nice vistas.


A set:

This sequence is shot from the town in an attempt to show the length of the wave using a wide angle lens.


Sequence No. 4:

Machine like repetition.


Another set.

Can´t help but repeat showing this. Shot in the afternoon. I already wanted to leave but just when I was packing my camera gear these set started to roll in. Big and clean and long.