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Very large beach in the extremely beautiful Anse (bay) de Dinan, framed by the Pointe de Dinan to the south and the Pointe de Portzen to the north. The cliffs that frame the bay have fantastic rock formations and the mix of heather and trees on top of the cliffs add some more natural beauty.

The beach itself is about 1.400 meters long with dunes and another rock in the background. Tidal hub is large here and at low tide the beach is about 300 meters wide while it gets completely submerged at high tide. Access to the beach is via parking lots at the southern and northern end.

Surfing: The beach is sheltered from the heavier storms and a popular option for surfers who feel not ready to battle the heavy breaks at the exposed spots. There can be often seen fantastic looking swell lines stretching ruler edged through the whole width of the bay and running to the beach in a steady flow. But this beautify often is transformed into closeouts at the beach.
Still a very good place for beginners during smaller days with the odd long running right on offer when tides and sandbars cooperate. The northern end of the beach is the better one.

Windsurfing: Needs winds from the south or the north. Northeasterly winds that mix with a ground swell can offer nice side-off wave-sailing at the northern end of the bay.

Kiteboarding: During lower tides with lots of room and shallow waters. Good for the first experiences in waves.

What else: Kayaks, SUPs and bicycles offer great opportunities to explore this stunning place from sea and land.

Check the gallery for more impressions.

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