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Lost Marc´h:

Embedded in a fantastic coastal landscape this beach unites and splits with it´s more known neighbor La Palue in the rhytm of tides. But despite beeing one large beach with La Palue at low tide, Lost Marc´h has a significantly different character. First of all, a Menhir (megalithic stone for still unknown purposes, 4000 years old, see picture on the right) guards the beach. The steep cliffs at the north end of the bay give protection from northerly winds. At high tide the line up is protected from all wind directions but straight west. Depending on the tide some reefs add to the beachbrakes.

There is a nice parking area besides the road (keep it clean!!!) but from there You have to walk for about 500 meters to reach the beach. The high tide shoreline is “marked” by some WWII tank fences that are more and more diminuishing. On the right side an old bunker hangs in the cliff that has obviously been used for beach partys a couple of times.

surfing: this part of the coast is very exposed to the predominant westerly swells. Winter can see huge waves and even in summer You´ll get Your fair share of fun waves. The main break is a wave that breaks over sand at the northern side of the bay. It offers good rights and some shorter lefts. Waves usually line up pretty good and very rarely get hollow. The break easily holds waves up to 3m (faces) an works on all tides. At low tide there are some lefts in front of the cliff that separates Lost Marc´h from La Palue (the right belongs to La Palue). They break over sand and rocks.

windsurfing: its a long way to carry Your stuff from the parking area and with mid to high tide the wind is blocked off by the cliffs. At low tide and with winds from the south, the left at the southern side of the bay can offer good wavesailing. Generally it´s better to go to La Palue.

kiteboarding: good at low tide, impossible at high tide. Best wind direction is southwest to west.

other sports: kayaking, riding a mountainbike along the beautiful trails following the coast.

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