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Pentrez / Saint Nic

The eastern end of the bay of Duarnenez is a succession of nice beaches and a few rocky headlands with soft rolling hills inland. The bay and especially the beaches to the east are pretty well protected from Atlantic storms and only get waves from bigger westerly swells. This protection makes the area a favoured area for summer tourists who like to enjoy a safe swim.

On the northeast end of the bay, just underneath the small town of Saint Nic with its ancient and beautiful chapel lays one of these large beaches. It is bordered by rocky cliffs to both sides and about 3 kilometres long. Pentrez at the northern end of the beach is a larger town and has – besides a lot of holidays houses – some basic infrastructure means bars, restaurants and shops who are open at least during summer.

At the southern end of the beach, along the Pointe de Tal Ar Grip is another settlement that mainly consists of holiday houses and campgrounds plus a few bars. In between these two settlements and along the major part of the beach there is more campgrounds. Outside the main tourist season the area is pretty empty and the few campgrounds that have still open are pretty cheap. Calculate 7,70 € per night for a van and one person. No need to camp somewhere in the wild here with these prizes.

There is a road all along the beach with a couple of parking lots which gives very easy access to the beach.

Surfing: As said before, the bay is pretty sheltered from swells. This makes it a good place for beginners or refuge during massive swells. The breaks consist mainly of sandbanks plus sort of a point break setup at the cape at the southern end of the beach. Due to the large tidal hub and the shallow bay, conditions change rapidly. During summer season, there is a surf school right at the beach.

Windsurfing: Winds from the south and the north work best. Easy wave-sailing conditions even during heavy winter swells due to the protected character of the bay.

Kiteboarding: The large beach gives plenty of room and provides fun conditions with all wind directions besides east.

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