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This is a beautiful little town founded in the 18th century by Greek refugees who had been chased away from the Peloponnese by the Turks in the 17th century, then got granted asylum by Genoa - the then ruler of Corsica - at a small village not far away from Cargèse, then got chased away from this village by the Corse during a rebellion against the Genoese rulers until they finally were allowed to settle at this beautiful part of the west coast. In short: a classic European history of migration.

Part of this refugee heritage are the two churches in this small town, one of them Greek-orthodox and the other one roman-catholic and a Greek-influenced local dialect. Aside from the beautifully situated churches some small shops, bars and restaurants make a stop worthwhile. South and north of the peninsula hosting the historic part of the town lie some nice sandy beaches. They occasionally have waves.

Aside from the classic beach holiday opportunities Cargèse is a good base camp for hikers. It is start / end point of two famous hiking paths, the “Mare e Monti Nord” and “Mare à Mare Nord” trails.

More visual impressions in this gallery

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