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This is a semi secret place in the middle of nowhere in the Camargue. To get there You have to find Your way through a labyrinth of pistes in the amphibic wourld of the Rhone delta. Once You reach a fancy hippie settelment built of old camping trailers and shacks in the middle of the dunes, You´re there.

On the way You pass through the natural reserve with a mixture of dunes, saltwater lawns and old salines which give part time home to many animals. Amongst them the pink flamingos are a standout. Please never ever leave the official roads and pistes to preserve that natural beauty. Plus You might get lost on the wrong track.

Beauduc itself sits beside a huge sheltered bay with very shallow waters. The “town” is more a ghost town as most “houses” are empty and seem to be abandoned since years.

To reach the beach You have to drive through a (usualy) shallow lake. Normaly You will pass it without problems with a normal van or car. If in doubt, check it by foot.

The beach is very wide so it can handle big crowds. There is more than enough room for Windsurfers and kiters in big numbers to have fun. Just don´t stay at the same place all together. A little walk will give You more freedom.

Allways remember that You´re inside a natural reserve. Don´t leave any trash. Stay on the official pistes with Your car because the surrounding nature is very vulnerable. Do not camp there for more than 1 or 2 days. If You want to stay longer look for a campsite.

In summer the mosquitos will eat You allive!

windsurf: the place is dominated by the mistral. If all the other places at the cote d´ azur have not enough wind, there is still a good chance that the mistral made it to Beauduc. The shallow bay is sheltered from real waves. Mistral comes side-onshore and creates a small short and steep wave which makes it a bump and jump arena. The place is good for advanced beginners and some freestyle sessions. Best wind season is Oktober too May.

kitesurfing: crossonshore winds, small but steep waves, shallow waters, wide sand beaches, this is a perfect place for kiters!

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