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The Place is on in winter. Then the little fishing port is quiet. The appartements for summer tourists are closed. Only the huge industrial complex and the oil raffineries situated just over the hills send their stinking scents once in a while and the horizon on the sea sees a never ending parade of ships. In town there is just one bar open. It can get very cold with the mistral bringing frezing air from the north.

But this place is one of the best wavespots in the mediterranian, both for windsurfers and surfers. The coast is very rocky. There is a couple of shallow reefs that can form very good waves but also kill boards and masts. The Tramontane, a strong wind from the west can bring waves with a size and speed that You wouldn´t expect in the med. Winterstorms in the south can bring even cleaner waves and glassy conditions. But to take advantage of these conditions You have to be able to stand the cold. In winter it´s not uncommen to have temperatures around zero during the night and a maximum of 6 degree Celsius during the day combined with 30 knots winds. But it´s worth the icecream headache ´cause in march to show is allready only half es good.

In the more touristy season beware of thieves! Many travveling surfers / windsurfers got their cars broken up while they were on the water.

windsurfing: wavesailing for experts only. Logo high waves with very strong side to sideoffshore winds in winter when Tramontana and Mistral cooperate. Winddirections from east, west and northwest (Mistral) work best. Very good jumping and down the line wavesailing. Small entry to the water. If You come back in the wrong place You might destroy Your equipment.

From April to Oktober still a lot of wind (with the exception of summertime) but no waves. When the Mistral cames it will flat down all that is left of non-winter swells. Get´s crowded in the main season. The level of local sailors is very high. So hold Yourself back and give ´em priority on the waves.

surfing: some pretty good reefbreaks. Fast and shallow. Waves come in winter, when solid lows pass further south. Swell sometimes has 1000km to get organized before it hits the shore. Best swell directions are southeast, south (very rare) and southwest. Swells never last long. Maximum two days, than it is flat again or gets windblown. Many semi secret spots at the coast around. Due to the proximity of Marseille allready localized.

kitesurfing: Most of the times the wind is just too strong. Respect that this place is primarily a wavesailing and surfing spot. Have fun with the lighter winds in summer.

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