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Le Lavandou

In September 2000, the mayor of Le Lavandou passed an unusual bylaw making it illegal to die in the town. The mayor described his own bylaw as "absurd ... to counter an absurd situation"; the "absurd situation" was that with the town's cemetery already full, a court in Nice had denied permission for a new cemetery because it would mar the beauty of the selected site. [^ Henley, Jon (2000-09-23). "Citizens live under law's dead hand". The Guardian. Retrieved 2008-10-26.]
This sums up the situation quite good. Le Lavandou is situated in a very beautiful area there´s a bit too little space for too many buildings around here. Yachting harbour, sea promenade and numerous buildings – most of them far from being beautiful – dominate the bay. In summer it get´s very crowded with tourists here, but that shouldn´t bother us too much, ´cause this place is only interesting outside summer season, when there is a reasonable chance for strong easterly and south-easterly winds. These can push in some waves that are best surfed after the low has passed.

Typical for the Mediterranean Sea, there is only a few hours up to a day with swell left, after der wind has died. If you get it right, there is a few beachbreak type breaks available, that can get pretty chunky.

Windsurfing works best with southerly winds. The jetties can give southerly windswells some order but also make sailing a bit tricky.

Kiteboarding conditions suffer from the lack of space on the beach.

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