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Saint Aygulf

One of the nicer towns in this area, situated on a rocky headland south of L Argens river mouth. Small yachting harbour and a cluster of older buildings with some charm around the harbour. Supermarkets, bakeries and bars in the more modern part of the town.

The L Argens river has created a fairly long beach, running from Frejus to Saint Aygulf. The flats between the bordering hills have been swamps in former times. Nowadays they are used for an Aqua park, supermarkets and a strange “Base Nature” and there is only a small “Etang” left. Just behind the beach lie a few basic holiday huts that regularly suffer from flooding of the river and the odd day with larger swell. There is quite a few of parking places along the beach but the vast majority of them are restricted with a height bar. Not good if you come with a van during the busier seasons.

From the river mouth and the resulting sandbar runs a stretch of plain beach before a few jetties try to control the sand flow near the harbour. The beach is pretty wild and a couple of palm trees are planted there quite picturesque. All in all one of the nicer beaches in the area.

Surfing: the area between the river mouth and the harbour seems to bundle wave energy a bit and often has bigger peaks than anywhere else. Still waves, which are usually created by strong easterly winds between Corsica and the Liguria coast, have the tendency to be a bit wobbly and mushy. Still nice to surf during medium sized swells in combination with a light westerly wind (a combination that due to a micro climate happens pretty often).

The waves in front of the harbour are usually the biggest whereas the break north of the last jetty offers more defined longer rights and short lefts. South of the harbour the coast becomes low but rocky cliffs with a couple of reefs. Some of them might work on a bigger day,

Windsurfing: Needs winds from the south / south-west or north-east in combination with swell from the east or the south to get good. Sometimes happens.

Kiteboarding: Fairly wide beach gives easy access, wind range is a bit wider as for the windsurfers, Mistral comes side-offshore and powers the kite unhindered.

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