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Sainte Maxime:

Another one of these show-off places for the rich and beautiful or the ones that pretend to be…. The adjacent hills - to be precise: the adjacent hills facing the sea - are littered with holiday villages, many of them gated, all of them faceless mass production houses. An ecological, economical and aesthetical disaster. Nice town centre though. And a nice bay east of the town centre that catches a bit of swell. The area has the same micro climate as Saint Aygulf hindering the Mistral from blowing full force but not holding it completely off. So quite often an easterly wind will be cut down on the ocean while its wind-swell still makes it into the bay meeting a light offshore breeze.

Very difficult parking situation during summer season.

Surfing: nice beachbreak in front of the beach bars / restaurants, promising reefs at the rocky headlands at the eastern and western end of the bay.

Windsurfing: good wave-sailing with strong easterly winds

Check the gallery for a few more pics.