Ondres Plages

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Ondres Plage:

If you search some relieve from summer crowds it might be a good idea to check this place. There is a large parking lot with a seperate part for campers (about 6 € per night), a restaurant, a little shop and a surf school. Good base camp for staying a couple of days.

The coast is like everywhere else a string of sand dunes and an andless sand beach.

Be carefull with heavy currents on days with swell! In Summer the lifeguards have to rescue stupid and respectless tourists a couple of times per day.

surfing: the setup is very similar to the rest of the coast. Sandbars up and down the beach create nice punchy beachbreak waves whos quality rivels the ones of the Hossegor / Capbreton breaks. These sandbars move and their quality chances a lot throughout the years so take a walk and check whats going on a couple of hundret meters away from the parking lot.

Swells come out of deep water and hit the sandbars with full force. It helps to be secure with the takeoff. Onde in a while nice tubes occure.


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