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Somewhere north of the bay of Lübeck, in a rural area, there is a little cape near a lighthouse that only can be reached via field tracks. For non residents it´s not allowed to drive a car on these tracks. If You feel resident and drive there, respect the limited parking area at the dead end of the track and park without blocking the track.

Across the dam there is a beach which bends almost 90o and offers some south orientation at this otherwise east facing coastline. This helps a lot with east winds. This orientation of the beach together with some sort of rock reef creates some nice breaking waves here. Be carefull with submerged stones that love to damage feet and fins.

windsurfing: despite the somewhat difficult access You can bet that with strong winds from the northeast, the small parking lot gets packed very quickly even during week time. The - for this area - exceptionaly good wavesailing conditions here make a group of local and almost local wavesailors from the area come here again and again.

Good jumping and some fun waveriding are reason enough to risk getting a not so cheap parking ticket. No place for beginners though as currents, the before mentioned submerged rocks and tricky wind conditions at the bend of the coast require some experience.

surfing: never tried it and never saw somebody doing it here. Maybe with a longboard but the winds that bring waves also mean that a good crowd of windsurfers occupy the place.

kiteboarding: very narrow beach and nasty piles. Experienced kitebarders might have fun here, but again, this is windsurfers territory.

some more pics at the galleries (the place and windsurfing, sessions from 2013-08)

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