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Praia do Barranco

A guy from Cologne approached me and asked if I had something to smoke. I negated and he was surprised: “In the past 20 years one could always get something to smoke here!” He added that he had only come down here to hang out at the beach and have a good smoke. Obviously one of the last hippie strongholds in the area now was changing too. I wasn´t sure if this really was a loss, as neatly painted signs around the parking lot urged people not to leave their toilet paper in the wild. Probably the beautiful nature that had attracted all these – probably often too many - visitors in the end had suffered quite a bit from their love.

This place is a textbook example for the reason so many people love the Algarve. Rolling hills meet the blue sea in a spectacular way with steep cliffs, a narrow bay and a fine sandy beach. Utterly beautiful. Treat it with care and respect.

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