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Guincho quick info



maritime climate, fairly hot summers with temperatures up to 30o C, mild winters with temperatures between 10 and 20o C, water temps around 15o C year round

winter sees a lot of rain


predominantly trade winds from the NE, very light in the morning, starting to get strong enough for windsurfing around 3 in the afternoon (which leaves You enough time to recover from the party of the night before). The wind gets accelerated by the mountain north of the bay to minimum force 6 and very often to force 8.


the trades are frequently blowing from June to September. Outside this part of the year it´s local depressions which dominate the wind frquency


there is waves year round due to the very wide swell window of this place. Winter sees some pretty big stuff. There is a very good left at the south side of the bay (in front of the Hotel). In front of the rock in the middle of the bay breaks a left and a right.


best wind direction for surfing is east


all tides work, bottom is sand with some flat rocks


shortboards with enough size for bigger waves in winter, 6´8´´ and bigger

6´4´´ and / or longboard in summer

windsurf equipement

waveboards and sails from 4.0 to 5.5 are what You have to bring


small kites are the call


There´s a pretty expensive hotel right at the south end of the beach. Nearby are plenty of campsites and appartements to rent


All that You need in nearby towns.


near Cascais is an intense party scene with lots of clubs, bars and discothecs. You might miss some surf sessions because of this.