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This is a textbook city surf location. Situated along the rugged and beautiful – if you look seaward – coastline south of Lisbon just beside the – mostly – four-lane expressway from Lisbon to Cascais it is easily accessible from the city. One of the few fairly large parking lots sitting just above the bay helps too.

Down at the beach there are some good bars with first-row view on the sea and a surf club / school. Up on the cliff to the west lies the Environmental Center Pedra do Sal which has another bar and an excellent view on the point. In between that point and the cliffs to the east lies a nice sandy beach. The point creates a long running very fun right which works at almost all tides. East of the sand beach lies another reef in front of the cliff which produces some nice A-frames with the right swell and tide.

Due to all these great circumstances concerning the waves and the beach infrastructure this place is very popular and gets quite crowded when it is on. Early mornings are still the best bet for a relaxed session, around noon usually all the students and other locals with flexible timetables arrive and the point waves get highly contested. Best to sit in the beach bar then and have some local food after an extended morning session while watching the show.

Check this gallery for more impressions

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