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Another Friday

The North Sea is still capable to surprise us. Sure enough, she did it on a Friday.

The forecast didn´t look too promising, the last model run Thursday afternoon predicted 2 feet at 19 seconds in combination with quickly increasing winds from the east, turning north pretty fast. The chances for a nice longboard session Friday morning where real but the odds of the wind turning sideshore and messing up the tiny swell were pretty high.

I was doubting that it was worth doing the 800 km daytrip, but my travel buddy Uli convinced me to give it a try and so we hit the road Thursday night. We reached the spot of our choice at about 1 in the morning and parked the van besides the dirt track leading to the wave we were looking for. We went to sleep with the sound of crashing waves in the dark and were hoping that some of this sound would be left the next morning. We put the alarm clock at 06:00.

What follows is the protocol of an unexpected surprising day >>>