Battle for Glory

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The Battle was on!

Our friends from the Nordsurf Syndikat last year started the waiting period for the first surf contest at the baltic sea.

It took them a year and a few calls that had to be anulatet in the last minute until the baltic sea finaly cooperated.

But May 6th the battle was finaly on. In - for this time of the year unusualy - challenging storm surf conditions the contest was run at Timmendorfer Strand.

Despite the bad condition of the sandbars that still suffered from storm Daisy in January, the invited and via user voting choosen contestants gave their best and showed what surfing is possible at the notoriously waveless baltic see. The king of the bridge was choosen via the users voting from video clips. King Adrian the First than was crowned during a hot party in Hamburg.

We´re happy to show you the best photos of the event on the following pages (continue here >>>).

For the full story and more pics check the articles on the Syndikat website. They have also a film clip on their site.

Action shots by Bevis

Party shots by Christoph Pless