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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Yep, I managed to cancel all business dates for the day. Brought my daughter to school and hit the motorway straight away. The forecasts had showed a massive storm that was supposed to hit the baltic sea this day. Hamburg was still pretty calm but on the autobahn the wind slowed down my van significantly. The radio was blurring warnings about a flood that risked to submerge large parts of Hamburgs harbour, the Fehmarnsund bridge was closed for empty trucks and campercars (which is allways a good reason to head to the baltic sea) and for some parts of the Harz mountains they warned from snow.

Autumn is here. And after a couple of years with very little storm activity this autumn seems to become a solid one. Northwesterly winds are back and today the gale force winds even came straight out of the north.

This meant onshore winds in the Hohwacht area but it also meant that some waves should rumble into this area too. I was a bit anxious about the snow that some forecasts hat predicted but on the way north I only met some rain and the odd hale squalls.

But rain and hale came horizontal and as soon as I was driving eastbound I started to have a hard time keeping my van on the road. Especially on the hilltops the heavy windgusts did there best to blow me off the road. Skies were grey and the trees fought a desperate fight to keep the last of their yellow and brown leaves.

When I passed the castle my pulse went up as I knew that the next little bump in the road would give me a first glimpse of what was going on in the baltic sea. I passed it and.....

the sea was furious!

Through the small gap in the dunes I saw waves roll in that had sizes I had never before seen in this area. It was a huge mess of whitewater too.

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