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Bunkers Bombs

The drive from Vorupoer to the parking lot was not long enough to get my clothes significantly dryer. The Parking was empty, but the flags in front of the campground a few hundred meters away were facing west. So I decided to sprint through the pouring rain up the dune for a quick check.

What I saw made was already enough to ignore the rain. Massive waves were pounding the shore. Some in absolute chaotic explosions some in gaping tubes. And the wind only just had turned east. I decided to risk getting even wetter than I already was and test the water resistance of that bloody expensive camera body and long lens. You don´t get the chance to see waves like this very often up here and I knew that I only had a short time span of 1 or two hours until the wind would finish its turn und blow onshore.

The rain came more and more horizontal, but it came offshore and bruised the waves into beautiful yet still horrifying forms. No way to paddle out there, chances were extremely high that the shore break would break board and bones. So all I could do was stand and watch in awe.

I was wet to the bones in a few minutes and after a while started shivering, but could not stop staring at this scenario until the wind turned onshore. What a show!

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