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Fuerteventura Wave Classic

It’s almost three months now since this event took place on the Canary Islands. I missed the event as I couldn’t get to the island and I wasn’t even connected to the web during the event itself so all I could do was inhaling the reports and the images that followed in the aftermath of – in my opinion – one of the most amazing windsurfing events since an eternity (maybe besides the Cabo Verde events, but the waves on Sal were by far less brutal).

It’s also three months that I plan to do an article about the FWC but just couldn’t find the time.

Then, a few days ago, I got a mail with a link to this video:

Fuerteventura shooting from julien AOUIDAD on Vimeo.

It is beautifully filmed and cut but what really stunned me was the intensity of the waves shown on this clip. It was just now that I really realized what was going on there in March.

So I decided that I might be a bit late but it’s never too late to say something about Thomas Traversa´s and JB Caste´s baby.

From the beginning the FWC was presented more as an event than “just” a contest. Looking back on what happened this was the only suitable approach. When I watch the photos and videos of the event the overwhelming impression is the one of wrong proportions. Absolutely massive waves and some windsurfers in between that are way to small in comparison. Tiny figures racing for their lives on damn fast waves and you cross your fingers that the behemoth won’t catch ‘em. And than, bang! One of those dwarfs goes into an aerial on a way to thick lip of a way to big wave.

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