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First thing that struck me when I reached the harbour was how much smaller the breaking waves were over here.

Second thing to learn was that low tide is not a good tide for this place. At least the famous right was extremely hard to surf as long as you didn´t use a body board. It was super shallow and 90% of the waves were closing out too fast on too shallow water.

Third thing to learn was that the right has a left too and that this left could actually handle the low tide much better.

But the left and the adjacent beach break were occupied by a local surf contest. So all I could do was watching them and learn a fourth thing. Local surfing skills are pretty high (o.k., I knew this before but it seemed a good idea to mention this here).

After so many things to learn I was in need of some good food and a beer and was lucky to stumble into the Ship Inn. Very good choice and the best way to prepare for the next day. I was very curious how much swell would be left on Monday…..

The second part of this “Super Sunday” has been already described in the Porth-11 Sequences Story so I won´t repeat myself here.

Monday – like so often – was another story.