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Oh My God! – A North Sea Miracle

Sometimes on the forecast charts appear weird patterns like strong winds in the central and northern parts of the North Sea and offshore winds at the Danish coast that translate into exquisite surf conditions. Most of the times, these scenarios vanish into onshore mush with the following model run. But sometimes, these forecasts last. This is when I get nervous, start to cancel appointments and get extra motivated with finishing as much work as possible in order to take a day off.

Usually these forecasts vanish the day before the scheduled departure and the only reward is a shrinkage of the mountain of unfinished work and no further growth of my carbon footprint.

But this time, the forecast lasted. Or, sort of lasted. The forecast sites had a hard time to sort out, what this combination of different wind directions and forces with resulting overlapping wind swells  in a very small area would actually mean for the surf. Like always I cross checked three different forecast sites and came to the conclusion that the wind would be offshore at the Danish coast and that there should be some high period swell running from the North-Northwest. I gave it a go for the 900km round trip. Two of my buddies from the Nordsurf Syndikat joined me for the long drive, starting in Hamburg very early on Thursday morning.

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