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Porth-11 Sequences

October 21 saw a solid 6ft @ 17 seconds groundswell - courtesy of Hurricane Rafael – meeting light winds from east to northeast in southern Cornwall.

Carve Mag called this day “Super Sunday” and I only can agree. I spent the first half of the day at the St. Ives Bay, admiring once again the immense affect that a high swell period has on the actual wave size. As the wind turned a little bit more northerly in the afternoon I decided to have a look at England´s second best wave.

First thing that struck me when I reached the harbour was how much smaller the breaking waves were over here. Second thing to learn was that low tide is not a good tide for this place. At least the famous right was extremely hard to surf as long as you didn´t use a body board. It was super shallow and 90% of the waves were closing out too fast on too shallow water. Third thing to learn was that the right has a left too and that this left could actually handle the low tide much better.

After so many things to learn I was in need of some good food and a beer and was lucky to stumble into the Ship Inn. Very good choice and the best way to prepare for the next day. I was very curious how much swell would be left on mondy…..

Here´s a few sequences from Super Sunday at the 11.