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Can the Mediterranean Sea be a substitute to the Atlantic Ocean for somebody looking for waves? Evaluating this was one of the tasks of a two – month trip to the Mediterranean Sea from mid-October 2017 to mid-January 2018 and it resulted not only in the series of Me(d)thadone stories but in a couple of film clips too, which we feature here in a couple of episodes.

Episode 1, “Dolce Vita” is shot in Tuskany on a quick stop on the way to the ferry to Corsica.


Dolce Vita from datrip on Vimeo.

Episode 3, “Genoa Low (part 1) features the first two days of a - by surfers and windsurfers alike very much appreciated - Genoa Low on the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Me(d)thadone EP03 - Genoa Low (part 1) from datrip on Vimeo.

Genoa Low - the windsurifng edition

Me(d)thadon - Genoa Low Windsurfing edition from datrip on Vimeo.

Episode 3, Genoa Low (part 2) covers the stormy third day of the low that offered many opportunities to ride Mediterranean waves on all kind of vehicles.les.

Episode 3, Genoa Low (part 3). Who needs an ocean when you have a sea like this? November 14th, 2017 was one of these days when the Mediterranean Sea delivered all you really needed as a surfer.

Episode 7, Juice. 3 December was sort of the climax of my stay on the island with some incredible waves (which I mostly covered on photo and barely filmed). It was followed by another good day of surfing and resulted in a sort of “I´ve seen it all” surfeit and the desire to go somewhere else.

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