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Isabela area:

Isabela is sort of a local center for this area of P.R. A nice town with a historic center and plenty of shops, supermarkets, bakeries, bars, restaurants and what ever else one needs for daily life.

If You drive out of town to the north YouŽll soon reach the coast. Here a road (and some dirt tracks) beginn, that follow the coast for about 15 miles to the west. Palm trees, farm land and small settlements dominate this rural area. Numerous cabanas (shacks) can be found at the many beaches. They are used by the locals for their beach weekends and can be rented. The road and especially the dirt tracks lead to beautifull beaches. The coast is a mixture of rocky parts and sand beaches. A string of reefs gets constantly pounded by the powerfull waves. Here ends the Puerto Rican trench, an underwater canyon that starts far away in the north atlantic and reaches depths of 8000m not far from the Puerto Rican coast. So the winter storms in the north send powerfull swells that come to the northwest of Puerto Rico without loosing any force before they hit the reefs of the steep sledge of the island. The waves in this area are some of the most powerfull in the wourld. Oktober till April are the best month for surfing. Trade winds come perfectly sideshore from the right with forces between 4 and 6. They usually start around noon so time for surf is the mornings and time for sailing is afternoons. Trade wind season starts in January and runs into June / July. Best time for wavesailing is January to March.

Driving down to the coast from Isabela YouŽll find the first bay. On big days there appears a good sized wave on a reef in the midddle of the bay. Never eves saw it ridden, but it looks surfable. May bee with a monster swell and a jet sky...

If You follow the dirt tracks along the coast and stop at the right point, YouŽll find middles, a heavy tubey right that likes to eat boards (see pics in the gallery).

Further west there is Playa Jobos, a nice beach with a very nice, super consistant right that offers fun surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding alike.

Again direction west, as the road starts to climb up the hills, take a right and check Shacks, one of the wourlds best wavesailing spot. Good surfing and kiteboarding too.

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